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Jimmy Malone

Jimmy Malone

Excellence In Broadcasting/Class Of 2010

Jimmy was born in Cleveland as the youngest of 3 kids to his parents, Jonathon and Shirley and grew up in the Glenlvile area. He attended Chesterfield Elementary and by his own admission, was known as the class clown and when he was a teen, his parents moved to Shaker Heights and he graduated in 1972 from Shaker High School Malone then went to college, attending CSU, transferred to Morehouse College, eventually graduating from Ohio U in the mid-70’s. 

After college Jimmy bounced ariund from several gigs including an insurance sales man and the followed his dad’s footsteps all the while performing stand up comedy on the side. The main part of Jimmy’s routine was “knucklhead’s in the news” where he would read the headline and comment. In 1985 Lanigan was in the audience and asked Jimmy to bring his Knuckleheads to his program.

Malone began his radio career in 1985 with his Knuckleheads in the news once a week with Lanigan. In 1991 he became a full time member Lanigan and Malone. Malone won a Marconi for for a large market personality of the year 2005 he shared with Lanigan.

Since 1996 Jimmy and his wife April and daughter Angela host the Annual Jimmy Malone Scholarship Golf Classic to raise funds for needy students. Malone has continued to perform the local stand up circuit.

In 2010, Jimmy was named a recipient of the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters for Excellence in Broadcasting. Jimmy was also awarded the Ohio Award for Excellence, NAB Marconi Award and Shaker Heights Hall of Fame.

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