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Ken Hawkins

Ken Hawkins

The man who coined the phrase "if you don't like this, you got a hole in your soul", Ken Hawkins remains one of the most revered names in Cleveland's urban radio scene. His smooth voice and keen ear for music won him a large and loyal following at WJMO. With Hawkins at the helm WJMO continued to get industry attention as well as increase its loyal fan base. In December 1970 the station conducted a 30 hour marathon broadcast to benefit the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The broadcast originated from the Freedom House at East 84th and Cedar, and all the station personalities, including Hawkins, were on hand to introduce various entertainers and ask for donations to the NAACP. Just a few years later the station...and Ken Hawkins... would again find itself in the headlines.

Hawkins also had a TV career with WEWS' "Ken Hawkins’ World Of Soul" a one-hour show seen on Saturday nights from 1967 to 68. The show featured acts ranging from R & B acts like the Imperial Wonders, and the Sensations, to white rhythm bands like the Naturals and the Originals. The show first show included the O’Jays, Jackie Wilson, Detroit's Norma Jenkins, B.J. Thomas and Bobbie Gentry. Hawkins would remain one of Cleveland's favorite air personalities well into the 1970s.

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