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Jerry G Bishop

Jerry G Bishop

Jerry G Bishop, born Jarius Samuel Ghan in Chicago, was a graduate of Wright Junior College, the University of Illinois and Columbia College. He got his start in Evanston, Illinois in 1961 and in 1963 he became part of the golden age of Cleveland Top 40 radio when he was named the night time DJ at the giant KYW-AM. During his 3 year stint at KYW, Jerry toured with the Beatles as a reporter for Group W and NBC Radio on their 64 and 65 tour. He also hosted a weekly dance party program, ‘Jerry G and Company’ on the KYW TV outlet and recorded a song, ‘She’s Gone’ backed by Cleveland group, ‘The Statesmen’. Recorded as a single on the Clevetown label, by ‘Jerry G & Co.’, it became a local hit in 1966. Jerry was also known for turning ‘alligator counting’ into the local equivalent of ‘watching submarine races’.

Bishop moved on to TV and created a live host for a Friday night scary movie anthology, with a “Yiddish-Transylvanian” accent that became known as ‘Svengoolie’. Svengoolie was a green haired, green bearded, guitar strumming hippie who slept in a psychedelic painted coffin and told corny, vaudeville-era jokes given a horror movie skew

Jerry G moved back to Chicago and in 1978 then settled in San Diego to finish his career as a beloved TV host and restaurant owner.

“The time has come for scary things-Like vampires, ghosts and vampire wings.

Like horrible movies all drippy and drooly-And horrible hosts like me, Svengoolie.”

Jerry G Bishop

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