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Carl Reese

Carl Reese


Carl Reese has one of those voices that makes you want to listen to what he has to say. He is at the same time authoritative, reassuring and friendly. Carl knew from early on that he wanted to be in radio and you had to be the best - there was no "close enough" or "almost" in the radio world. He set out knowing full well it would not be easy.  He made a decision in the early 1930's to stay in the Cleveland market, rather than head off to Los Angeles, Chicago or New York. While in the army at just 17 years old he was able to get into the American Forces Network (AFN) instead of being shipped to Berlin. Here his talents were put to good use as an announcer as well as an actor and narrator in radio drama.  After working a series of stations in Akron, Carl auditioned for a temp job at WTAM in Cleveland. It was not much help in the finance department because he started at $57.50 a week. "Talk about inflation if you want, but $57.00 then was as low as $57.00 is today".  He supplemented his income with TV commercials, which of course he had to memorize since there was no such thing as a teleprompter in those days. In 1954, he went looking again and this time found a new home at WERE, which at the time garnered 60% of the radio listening audience…the rest is history.  All told, Carl’s career in Cleveland radio spanned over 50 years.  Carl is a member of the Ohio Radio Hall of Fame, was named one of Cleveland’s 30 most interesting people by Cleveland Magazine in 2003 and just was the recipient of CAB’s Presidents’ Council Award in May, 2014.

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