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Bob Dale

Bob Dale

One of the pioneers of Cleveland television, Robert Dale Bergmayr came into the world in Canton Ohio on March 26, 1925. After serving in World War II, he attended Case Western Reserve University on the GI Bill. Adopting the stage name Bob Dale, he began at WEWS-TV 5 around May, 1948. He jokes that "They were looking for anyone over 21 who could talk." Dale, like many performers in early TV did many kinds of programs including "The Bob Dale Show", and "Ten Thirty Theater". He also appreared on such shows as "TV IQ", "Fun With Charades", and "Pooch Parade", which was revived as a segment of "Captain Penny's Camedy Clubhouse" in the 1960s. He was best known in Cleveland for "Dinner Platter", an informal show featuring other WEWS employees and special guests, generally airing at varied times around 4-6PM weeknights. He also served as weatherman.

After winning several awards as most popular performer in Cleveland TV, he moved out to San Diego, California in 1956. Because of a World War II injury to his ears, doctors suggested he move out west to help the healing process. He started at KFMB-8, the CBS affiliate, where he did many of the same things he did at WEWS. His popularity was such that he became an Icon in San Diego, Hosting Movie Shows, doing weather and many other kinds of programs. His biggest regional/national success was "Zoorama", featuring the San Diego Zoo, broadcast locally from the 50's, on CBS in 1965 and in national syndication 1968-70. Bob Dale passed away in May 2008.

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